Uma Casa Com Todos
Leiria, 2021-22

“Uma Casa Com Todos” was an art and education project developed for one year with the school community of Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes in the city of Leiria with students from the ages of 7 till 14.

Based on an existing narrative by cultural mediator Patrícia Martins, we challenged the students to think and build a house that was able to include everyone and be the result of the effort of a whole community. Our proposal is to see the workshop as a free and creative learning environment for cooperation and exchange of different experiences and points of view.

For this, we planned a series of 4 exercises that could transform the building of a house into a collective and participatory process. We started the building by its roof tiles, going from class to class and using milk packages that students brought from home. At the same time, we asked them to draw an image of what this house could be and how would they use it.

The actual assembly was made in the schoolyards during one week where students could come freely and help with the different tasks explained in an eight steps assembly scheme.

Finally the last exercise consisted of the creation of the house logo, which was achieved either by collaboration within classes or democratic election throughout the whole school.

We were able to build two houses in two different schools as well as developping different furniture-making workshops for the schoolyard. Whenever possible we tried to work with materials provided by the school community as well as re-utilizing leftovers pre-existant in the schools. 

As the house structure is finished our aim is for students and community to continue thinking and organizing new uses for the house by themselves, hopefully with a more critical and empowered attitude towards their own community and environment.

Original Narrative:
Patrícia Martins, Guilherme Garrido

Concept and workshops:
Colectivo Til
Construction team:
Colectivo Til, AEM Community

Graphic work for the exercises:
Colectivo Til

Event posters:
Colectivo Til
Patrícia Martins
Rita Seiça
Célia Frazão

Agrupamento de Escolas de Marrazes
Plano Nacional das Artes
Festival A Porta

Finantial Support:
Município de Leiria
Plano Nacional das Artes
Festival A Porta
Somapil - Sociedade de Madeiras de Pinho, Lda.

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