The Lake Shelter 2.0
Ervideira, 2019

Invited once more to develop a workshop in the beautifull scenery of Lagoa da Ervideira, our proposal involved building exclusely from the materials present in the ground. It was 2 years since the big fires devastated the area, and the cleaning of the pine forest was still going on. We could see big piles of half-burned wood branches laying on the side of the roads wainting to be taken away. Using just this scorched wood as building material and a simple coupling technique associated with dome construction, we proposed the participants to build a shelter facing a small fishing dock by the lagoon.

The small construction and the material technique, acessible to any person, demonstrates a way of building that is born from a closer observation of the environment around us. In this way it celebrates the beauty of the forest, even in its darkest hours.

Project developed with colectivo Til.  
Photos by Pedro Ferraz and João Gonçalo Lopes

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