The Lake Shelter
Lagoa da Ervideira, 2018

We were invited to give a workshop on natural construction for the Festival of the forest, located by a lake in the middle of the biggest pine forest in Portugal. Considering it was meant to be a temporary building and fully built in only one day, we decided to make a small shelter facing the beautiful lake view and using a very abundant and undervalued material in the area: the cane.By the end of a very rewarding building experience with plenty of motivated participants, the news were announcing the arrival of a storm so we went home.

Turned out it was the biggest storm ever registered in Portugal shattering roofs, trees and street lights. Goes without saying, but the shelter was never the same.

This workshop was conceived and monitored with Colectivo Til and had the participation of about a total of 25 people including kids and adults building while learning the techniques and processes.

Photos by João Gonçalo Lopes and Pedro Marques

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