The Cloud
Leiria, 2019

During the two days of a summer weekend, Festival A Porta is happening in a riverside garden within a gorgeous scenery but heavily exposed to the sun. Having the shadow as the only functional goal, we aimed for an object that could be part of the organic landscape of the garden exploring the idea of liquid boundaries in an instable state.

This project was also part of a search for a solution that could be quickly assembled without relying on heavy machinery or labour. The final result was a shadow space made with the use of unusual materials: thin water pipes, metal rebars and inflated plastic sleeves. In order for the space bellow to be appropriated we upcycle electric cable reels to make benches and tables that could be freely located and set for different uses.

Without ever being completely still, this softly instable structure resembles river side giant reeds,  having a certain sense of belonging to the garden even if only for two days.

Project developed with colectivo Til.  
Photos ans illustrations by João Gonçalo Lopes

© 2017  |  João Gonçalo Lopes  |   |  ︎ @joaogoncalolopes