Paisagem em Linha
Itinerant, 2021/22

“From the Brazilian central plateau to the profound canyons of Serra da Mantiqueira, from the urban plan of the projected city to the world of the natural volumes, the summer vacations for the Brazilian choreographer Luciana Lara would begin with a journey through steep reliefs, dense forest and highways with the blue sky framing the contours of an ongoing drawing.”

Paisagem em Linha is a part of the collection of works by the choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco named Covered by the Sky. Inspired by the experience of choreographer Luciana Lara, this durational piece uses a minimal material language based in coloured ropes and wooden forks activated by five performers to translate the eternal flow of her voyage.  

Working together from the very beginning, choreography and scenography were developed to refine the movements and materials to their most minimal presence. Together the performers play with the essential ingredients of space: scale, direction and volume. In each movement the suggestion of landscape is lost and reborn, for it can only exist in a permanent state of becoming.

Concept and performance:
Gustavo Ciríaco

João Gonçalo Lopes

Bibi Dória, Tiago Barbosa, Filipe Caldeira, Sara Zita Correia, Alina Folini, João Gonçalo Lopes

Costumes: Sara Zita Correia

Production: Sinara Suzin

Devir / CAPA
Pico do Refúgio
Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas
23 Milhas
Galeria ZDB 
Festival Temps d’Images
Serralves - Centro de Arte Contemporânea

Aline Belfort
Pedro Sardinha
André Delhaye

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