Paisagem Boldo
Ribeira Grande, 2022

Paisagem Boldo departs from the experience of the brasilian choreographer João Saldanha as a young teenager riding his bicycle in the streets of Leblon in the 1960's, a neighbourhood inspired by the modernist architecture in Rio de Janeiro.

During our one week stay at the Arquipélago - Center for the contemporary arts, we were in residence together with 13 carpentry students and 2 tutors from the Escola Profissional de Capelas, developing different prototypes and experiencing in real scale their effects as a landscape for a bicycle ride.

Bringing together dance and design, the workshop started by proposing an experience de body towards space, moving on to the use of materials playing with making ephemeral landscapes and experiencing them with the moving body. The materials used were harvested from leftovers to create a kit of parts read to be explored in its infinite combinations.
For the rest of the week we wanted the students to keep this experience and proposed them to build different typologies that could together create a landscape. Materials chosen as well as colour pallet allowed to keep the unity between them while exploring different experiences and scales. 

The final installation was assembled in Arquipélago and became open to be experienced by the public.

This project is a part of Covered by Sky, by choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco, a collection of installations and performances centered on the relationships between landscape and art, experience and poetic discourse, based in other artists personal experiences.

Original Concept:
Gustavo Ciríaco and João Saldanha

Design and project development:
Gustavo Ciríaco and João Gonçalo Lopes

Building and Design Coordination:
João Gonçalo Lopes 

Carpentry Tutors:
João Cabecinha and Manuel António Moniz

Ana Júlia Fernandes, Nair Furtado, Cristiana Almeida, Durval Amaro, Gonçalo
Medeiros, Hugo Medeiros, Pedro Carvalho, Rodrigo Melo, Rodrigo Medeiros, Rodrigo Torres,
Rodrigo Gouveia, Solange Costa, Cristiano Câmara, Carolina Soares

Production team:
Sofia Botelho,  Ricardo Botelho, Beatriz Brum, Andreia   

Promotor: Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas

Álvaro Miranda, Beatriz Brum, Gustavo Ciriaco, João Gonçalo Lopes

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