Oficina das Peças
Leiria, 2023

In the follow-up of the project Gira Comigo, we were invited by the Inpulsar association to come back to the neighbourhood of Cova das Faias and develop a short term activity involving the community.

This time, having very few financial resources, we decided to direct them towards the purchase of tools that could stay as assets for the overal community. Following this logic, we used as much reclaimed wood as possible to collectively build a moveable workshop buying a basic kit of tools that can be contained inside.

To inaugurate the workshop, we proposed to the kids to collect disposed objects and materials, and, find new purposes and reconfirgurations in order to make new pieces.   

Type of Project:
Community led design, Participative action

Umbrella project:
Giró Bairro

Inpulsar, Câmara Municipal de Leiria

João Gonçalo Lopes, Diogo Monteiro

João Gonçalo Lopes, Diogo Monteiro, neighbourhood community.

Ana Rita Inácio, Ângela Damásio

João Gonçalo Lopes, Diogo Monteiro, Joaquim Dâmaso,  Ângela Damásio

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