Los Guardaviñas
Logroño, 2018

Our proposal for the Concêntrico competition poses the challenge of redesigning the old guardaviñas, the primitive stone buildings typical of La Rioja, with a contemporary approach. Pushing the qualities of plywood, we propose a structure that can be ephemeral and nomadic with an easy process of assembly.

The competition’s site is a crossing between two roads, isolated in the middle of the vineyards where the vast landscape spreads out in all directions. In this place we propose to assemble three small shelters like a small camping site. This typology of a small settlement invites the viñateros to gather in a communal living, exchanging experiences, while simultaneously giving each of them the possibility to immerse in a solitary contemplation of the magnificent vineyard landscape.

The shape and joineries are almost fabric-like, accentuating the reference to a temporary camping site, the walls have fluid curves and connections between boards are made with stitches and rope. Each guardaviña has a slight different shape given by the different ways the plywood folds. Exterior surfaces are given a coating for protection while giving it a darker wine-like tone that contrasts with the clean and cosy interior.

Project developed with colectivo Til.  

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