Limo Malobeo
Leiria, 2021

Limo Malobeo are the Esperanto words for border disobedience. Invited by festival A Porta to intervene on an enclosed and underused garden in the centre of the city, we turned our focus towards the idea of border creating two interactive devices that question both it’s authority and fragility.

It the first one a volleyball field was created in one edge of the property mimicking the materials used in the border fence and decorated with a  private property sign located in the centre of the net. But the true disruptive meaning of the devise only reveals itself as the ball inadvertently goes across the real border into the private property side. In order to continue playing inevitably the player will have to dwell on the question whether and how he should cross it to get the ball back. 

The second one was all built and disassembled like a kit of parts with no nails and no glue. Located on a site by the border wall with panoramic views over the city, it worked as both an observatory and a connector between the enclosed site and the public street. This connection was reinforced by means of a bell that could be activated from both sides. 

Concept and design:
Colectivo Til

Building and coordination:
Colectivo Til  

João Gonçalo Lopes

Idalécio Francisco, João Gonçalo Lopes, Rui Aristides

Stopmotion Photos:
Sal Nunkachov

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