Pico do Refúgio, 2021

Covered by Sky is a transdisciplinary project focused on the relationship between landscape and art to create a collection of interactive performances and installations. The project is driven by curiosity to discuss how the creation of space and landscape experience intersect in the poetic signature of unique artists from the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Chile in music, dance, photography, sculpture, painting and performance.

At the Walk&Talk festival we departured from the experience of Chilean choreographer Javiera Péon Veiga, to translate her written memories into the monumental azorean landscape. The work consisted on a 45 minutes trail, populated by landscape interventions and built installations based on the 6 chapters of Javiera’s inspiring poem. Each chapter enforced a different relation between landscape and the human body, between Javiera’s distant story and the solitary dialogue with the present moment. 


Original Concept:
Gustavo Ciríaco and Javiera Peón Veiga

Design and project development:
Gustavo Ciríaco and João Gonçalo Lopes

Building and Coordination:
João Gonçalo Lopes

Building assistance and production:
Gustavo Ciriaco, Filipa, Joana Cardoso, Luis Bernardo, Sr. Manuel   

Graphic Design:
Paula Delecave

João Gonçalo Lopes

Sara Pinheiro, Mariana Lopes, Gustavo Ciriaco, João Gonçalo Lopes

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