House Renovation
Leiria, 2017

Built in the 1950’s, this house in its picturesque form, layout and ornaments mimics what was conventioned to call as the “Portuguese style house” back in dictatorship years. The house was built with long-lasting materials combined with a skilled craftsmanship that resembles nothing that can be produced today with a modest budget.

On the exterior, all roof had to be rebuilt with new materials, while the exterior walls were liberated from a series of annexes and walls making its shape rejuvenate and the exterior light to reach the interior. 

Exterior and Interior were renovated by carefully analysing piece by piece what could be preserved, any introduction of the new came with a goal of rejuvenating the existing qualities and scale. The "new" language is not one of opposition, but a quest to continue and improve with the contemporary tools what had been started 60 years before.

Project by João Gonçalo Lopes 
Coontractor: José Luis Sismeiro
Photos by João Gonçalo Lopes

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