Braga, 2022

Hormiga-pájaro is another fresh fruit coming from the collaborative project Cobertos pelo Céu by Gustavo Ciríaco.

This interactive installation is based on the experience of dancer/performer Ana Laura in an abandoned shopping centre where she used to go daily for her dance school lessons. In order to get to the school she would have to climb a stair surrounded by the empty interiors of the abandoned shops. The shopping centre was never accessible to her and could only be half noticed once in the stair, its mysterious presence was incorporated by the few objects left behind and completed by the imagination. 

Reinterpreting this experience, Hormiga-pájaro is an exploration of the architecture of a stair as a mediator between the human body and its surroundings. Driven by this question, it became a playful invitation to investigate how can objects influence movement and how can body movement influence the perception of the surrounding context.

To enhance this experience, a diverse set of scenographic objects were created based on their relation to the architectural elements and dimensions. Visitors are invited to carry this objects up and down the stair deciding on their location, becoming aware of how they may affect the space and the movement in the space.

To emphasize the top platform the “bird versus ant” perspectives, we played with mirrors that suggested unexpected images such as blurring ground with sky or far away distances becoming close and intimate.

Original Concept:
Gustavo Ciríaco and Ana Laura

Project development:
Gustavo Ciríaco,João Gonçalo Lopes, Tomás Ribas

João Gonçalo Lopes

Light Design:
Tomás Ribas

Production in gnration:
Marta Lima

Financial Manager:
Missanga Antunes


Tomás Ribas, João Gonçalo Lopes, Hugo Sousa

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