Entrance to Museum Festum
Monte Redondo, 2017

Back after two years to the 2017 edition of Museum Festum, we were asked among other things to propose an idea for the entrance gate. Our response was to think of this entrance less like a gate but as a transitional experience. This slow transition will include a tunel, an atrium and finally a gate. Working as a pivot it will redirect the flow of people to the main "street" of the festival allowing the structure of the inside to come alive. The material we chose to work with was the cane, an abundant species in this region that is normally seen as an invasive plant, although in other areas it is traditionally used in the craft of weaving baskets. Taking this idea of a simple material and handmade techniques we aimed to transform it into an architectural scale.  

This project was a collaboration with Guilherme Rodrigues, Ana Prates, Rui Aristides, with the valuable help of weaving master Sr. Domingos and everyone else who helped us along the whole building process.

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