Dinning table set
Leiria, 2023

This set of dinning tables was designed and built in collaboration with Guilherme Rodrigues and Daniel Carvalho for the restaurant “Ao Largo”.

The whole set consists of 8 square tables, 6 square extendable tables and 1 round table, made purposefully for the restaurant space.

The material for the tables was found in an old carpentry which had an impressive diversity of species stored. Using the different colours and textures, we wanted to create a landscape that could transform the interior space of the restaurant and the eating experience.

The tables were designed in the workshop from the early start, which means ideas were born out of the prototyping and testing of many possibilities with different geometries and types of wood. Scale models, joinery mock-ups and whole scale mock-ups guided us through the process.

Restaurante “Ao Largo”

Design and mock-ups:
Guilherme Rodrigues, João Gonçalo Lopes

Daniel Carvalho, Guilherme Rodrigues, João Gonçalo Lopes 

Joana Cordeiro, João Gonçalo Lopes

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