Civic Garden 2.0 (Jardim Cívico)
Leiria, 2019

Coming back to the old area of Leiria in 2019 with Festival A Porta, we wanted to reflect on the 2018 experience and try to push it further. We decided that this time our approach should try to project the instalation over time, to be able root itself in the place and community and evolve incrementally, eventually becoming a permanent installation. We also saw this as an opportunity to give space for people to reflect on their own environment and their own capacity to be part of the change they want to see in the public space.

With this in mind we started by enquirying people in the area about what they wished the place to be and how they thought they could be a part of it. Then, by programing a series of events, we invited everyone to contribute to its making, including carpentry, gardening and hand crafts, as well as being part of a public debate about the issues of the area with local dwellers, public authorities, architects and cultural agents. The building work was made as much as possible by adapting and reusing materials from local construction sites and industry.

As a result, this arid and unused space became a part of peoples lifes as a communal food garden complemented with urban furniture and shading. A place that can be enjoyed in a daily basis, as well as accommodate different special events like outdoor cinema, concerts, performances and any other type of social gatherings.

This project was only possible has a collective effort by everyone who offered their help and dedication during the process.

Project developed with colectivo Til.  
Photos by João Gonçalo Lopes and Gil Álvaro de Lemos
Illustrations by Tenório

© 2017  |  João Gonçalo Lopes  |   |  ︎ @joaogoncalolopes