Lisboa, 2021

Departing from a work by Joseph Beuys, this performance by Gustavo Ciriaco pretends to reflect on the erasure of entire mountain-tops all around the world through mining processes. In the top of a cliff overlooking the place where the river Tejo meets the ocean, performer Bruno Moreno finds these mountains hidden in the grass and evokes their energetic presence in a mourning for their absence.

I had the privilege to be a part of this performance as a set designer, which in particular became a reflection on the power of the performer to transfigurate the most simple materials and symbols through their scale, their weight and movement. Being in such a powerful landscape, locating and moving these materials around, against strong winds and a dry grass floor on a sunset hour, the stage was already the performance, we just needed to fit in as humbly as we could.

Concept and performance:
Gustavo Ciríaco

João Gonçalo Lopes

Bruno Moreno

Mountain Illustrations:
Gustavo Ciríaco

Delfim Sardo e Silvia Gomes

BoCA - Bienal of Contemporary Arts

Bruno Simão

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