Campanha Inaugural
Leiria, 2020

"Campanha Inaugural" (Inaugural Campaign) is a performance piece for three builders, a drummer (Pedro Marques) and a small truck in seven acts. As part of the cultural project MAPAS, the performance was developed by Colectivo Til who appropriated seven spaces in the city of Leiria, inaugurating each with a built piece, a commemorative plaque and a red ribbon cutting ceremony. Composing together an urban circuit, these pieces invite people to wander and dialogue with some of the fragments of urbanity’s lost spaces. Each place, named with a different word, was chosen with the intention of questioning the b-side of urbanization, where it becomes more explicit like open wounds. The performance’s various pieces were left in their places to be experienced by anyone at any time, aware or unaware of the project.

Project developed with colectivo Til.  
Photos by Idalécio Francisco and Colectivo Til
Drumming by Pedro Marques

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