Andanças Festival 
Castelo de Vide, 2018

Andanças Festival is an international dance festival that promotes music and dance by focusing in the exchange and spreading of different cultures. This year’s theme was “the living circle” the continuous movement of dance mixed with social interaction and grouth. 

Having won the open call for the decoration of the festival area we were asked to propose different interventions that would compose the overal space as well as the signage that would be located all over the small town where it is located. Confronted with only one month to design, collect materials and build, we started by understanding the existing qualities of the space and collecting the available materials, mostly leftovers from previous editions of the festival and natural elements found around the site.  

Being very acurate with each intervention we were able to give quality to each area as well as giving a structure to the overall route around the site. The interventions included an entrance wall put together with different materials, a new garden, the main bar painted in white lime stone and different lounge areas to rest while getting away from the sun. On the the big plateau and representing the theme of this year’s festival we created the most sculptural pieces: a row of four big wind mills ending in a wooden structure with hanging bicycle wheals. 

For the signage we recycled the ones used in previous editions. By overlaying the new words with white and black stencil we left the traces of the old ones become the texture of the new font. 

Project developed with Colectivo Til and with the help of volunteers
Production by Márcio Pereira and Joana Ricardo.
Photos by João Gonçalo Lopes

© 2017  |  João Gonçalo Lopes  |   |  ︎ @joaogoncalolopes